CO-Curricular Activities

special weekly classes

Beginning in kindergarten, OCS students participate in special classes each week.


Offered once a week, students begin learning the fundamentals of a foreign language, developing their communication skills and opening doors for their future.

Physical Education

Twice a week students participate in physical education, learning to care for the body God has given them and discovering new abilities. 


In weekly art class, students express themselves artistically while reflecting the beauty and creativity of God.


In music class, students learn the fundamentals of reading music and begin singing in parts in middle school classes. The choir performs twice a year, once at our Christmas program in December and, again,  in the spring.

Academic Enrichment

Engaging students in the areas in which they excel, academic enrichment stimulates a passion for learning and challenges students to higher achievements. Each student at OCS is encouraged to discover their God-given talents and how they can use them to glorify Him.


Students that are ready for the rigor of a high school class will have the opportunity to take Algebra 1 during their final year at OCS, preparing them for geometry in high school.

Speech Meet

Developing skills that will create effective leaders, the annual speech meet teaches students to speak clearly, expressively and confidently before an audience. Winners of the OCS speech meet compete against other schools at the ACSI district speech meet.

Spelling Bee

Good spelling is a building block of excellent communication. Students develop grit and confidence through our annual school spelling bee while developing a broader vocabulary. School winners go on to compete the ACSI district spelling bee.

Math Olympics

Competing in either arithmetic computation or mathematical reasoning, students excelling in math are given the opportunity for recognition of their achievements while stimulating their interest in the subject.

Science Fair

Studying God's creation, students learn the foundation of investigation and experimentation in our annual science fair. Students ask questions and present answers that reveal God's power.

Washington D.C. Trip

While studying American History, 7th and 8th grade students have the opportunity to visit our nation's capital to learn how the faith of our Founders impacted the history of our country.