Portrait of an OCS graduate

Grow in Christ

I will experience personal salvation in Jesus, mature in my relationship with Him, and be a faithful disciple-maker.

Live for Christ

I will compassionately articulate and defend my decisions and actions, knowing that my primary reason for existence is to glorify God.

Character of Christ

I will demonstrate Christ-like character at school, home, and church while lovingly serving those around me.

Mind of Christ

I will possess critical thinking, problem-solving and organizational skills to foster mastery in all academic areas.

Servant of Christ

I will practice stewardship and service as servant leader in my community and throughout the world.

Lion Legacy

It may seem like 8th grade graduation is a distant event in your child's future, but at OCS we teach and train each student with the end in mind. Our "portrait of a graduate" is the ideal description of each child that graduates from OCS. And as they graduate, the 8th graders charge the kindergarten class with the "Lion Legacy" --

To know Christ, to love and serve others well.