Mission | VIsion | Values

Our Mission

In partnership with parents and churches, we integrate faith with learning using biblical principles to capture each student's heart and mind for Christ.

We are dedicated to academic excellence with a uniquely Christian perspective—one that places Jesus at the center of everything we do and acknowledges the Bible as our ultimate authority. We are committed to supporting, not supplanting, your God-given role as a parent. This means working with you to develop strategies that will help your child succeed. Our teachers will take time to listen to the goals, hopes and dreams you have for your child and work with you to see them to fruition.

our Vision

Cultivating the next generation to impact the world for God's glory!

The influence your child will have in this world is unique to them. We come alongside students to help them find and develop their God-given talents for His glory. The faculty and staff at OCS model this by serving Christ through the work they do in the classroom, and the lives they lead outside of school. Each person brings his or her own unique perspective to the work they do.

Our Core Values

Commitment to strong parental involvement and responsibility.
o Parents volunteer time and talents to build the school community and strengthen the educational process.
o Understand accountability to parents and, ultimately the Lord.
● Commitment to excellence of instructional materials and methods.
o Provide learning opportunities for each child to reach his/her potential in Christ
o Equip students with skills necessary to fulfill the call of Christ.
o Intentionally develop a worldview that is consistent with Scripture.
o Use firm, gentle, consistent discipline.
● Commitment to the development of Christ-like character of students and staff.
o Servanthood modeled by staff and expected of students.
o Missions viewed as opportunities for today and tomorrow.
o Learn basic Bible knowledge so that spiritual disciplines may be developed.
● Commitment to Biblical policies and practices.
o Integrity demonstrated in the classroom, playground, and office.
o Follow the Matthew 18 principle.
● Commitment to home, church, and school working together to disciple a child’s heart and mind for Christ.