“If the walls could talk…”

An alphabet chart
List of classroom rules
Large daily schedule

These are fairly typical items displayed on most classroom walls. Depending on the personality of the teacher or the content of the class, the walls may be very busy visually. Or, they may have lots of blank space to give students a little sensory break.

Children and teens spend a large part of their waking hours each day in school. Even though teachers do everything possible to provide engaging lessons, the reality is that students’ eyes will undoubtedly wander from poster to poster, window to window. What will these roaming eyes (and mind/heart) encounter?

Here is a glimpse into what the walls are speaking to the children at OCS.

We thank God for our friends at school!
God made me!
He is the Best and Only True God!
Jesus died for our sins.
He forgives us when we sin.
God is big, strong, and all powerful!
God knows our name.
He hears our prayers and heals our sickness.
God’s Presence is here!
Thankful for God’s grace and mercy.

At OCS, the walls SHOUT God’s love and grace to students and staff. Imagine what these words mean to a child who forgot his lunch, had a friendship break up at recess, or couldn’t remember how to spell very many words on the weekly test.

And then there are the teens. This mirror is in our middle school hallway. When a girl stops to make sure her hair is just right, these words of life and encouragement infuse her soul. When a boy flexes a muscle or checks to see if a little mustache hair might be growing, these strong words of affirmation are there to remind him of Truth.

If the walls could talk…at OCS, they do!

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up.” 2 Thessalonians 5:11

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